Alarm Clock

Illusion (Temporal Knowledge) [Time]

Niveau:Chronographer 0, Sorcerer 0, Wizard 0
Composantes:V S
Temps d'incantation:1 action standard
Zone d'effet:Raproché (25 ft. + 5 ft. / 2 levels)
Cible:One object
Duration:1 jour / niveau or less
Jet de Sauvegarde:Aucun
Résistance magique:Aucune
Source:Netbook of time
This spell creates the sound of a ringing bell at a future time designated by the caster. The sound can be heard clearly within 30' and faintly within 60' of the spell's target. If the caster is within Short range when the alarm goes off, he can (as a free action) silence the bell and delay it another twenty minutes.