Vision of Youth

Divination (Temporal Vision) [Time]

Niveau:Chronographer 2, Sorcerer 3, Wizard 3
Composantes:V S M
Temps d'incantation:1 action standard
Zone d'effet:Raproché (25 ft. + 5 ft. / 2 levels)
Cible:1 item ou créature
Duration:1 minute / niveau (D)
Jet de Sauvegarde:Volonté annule
Résistance magique:Applicable
Source:Netbook of time
A Vision of youth spell shows the caster an item or creature as it was in former times. The caster may choose to see it as it was when newly born /created. He can also choose to see a specific age (stating the number of days, months, years, etc. backward in time from now).

It is possible to see different ages, but no more than one per minute (of spell duration). If the caster asks for a time during which it did not yet exist, he instead sees the item or creature as it was when born /created. This vision has a duration of 1 minute per level, and visually replaces (and moves with) the current aspect of the creature or item upon which the spell is cast. A disguised creature gets a +2 to its saving throw, +4 if the disguise is magical, and +6 in cases of a Polymorph type spell. If the save is failed, the caster sees the creature without its disguise, as it was in the selected time.

Material Components: a pinch of gold powder worth at least 1 gp.