Temporal Safe

Transmutation (Temporal Push) [Time]

Niveau:Chronographer 3, Sorcerer 4, Wizard 4
Composantes:V S
Temps d'incantation:1 action standard
Zone d'effet:Touché
Cible:1 objet inorganique, jusqu'à 10lbs / niveau
Duration:Spécial Jusqu'à 1 an / niveau
Jet de Sauvegarde:Réflex annule Si tenue par une créature
Résistance magique:Applicable
Source:Netbook of time
This spell causes the target to be pushed forward in time, by an amount designated by the caster. The most common use is to keep an item safe until needed -- once affected, the object is immune from theft or interference until it reappears.

However, the spell can also be used offensively, to deprive an enemy of a weapon or magic item.