Defense from Aging

Abjuration (Pseudo-Time Effects) [Time]

Niveau:Chronographer 2, Cleric 1
Composantes:V S M
Temps d'incantation:1 action de ronde
Zone d'effet:Touché
Cible:Créature touchée
Duration:1 jour ou bien dissipation
Jet de Sauvegarde:Volonté annule ( Harmless)
Résistance magique:Applicable
Source:Netbook of time
This spell protects a creature from magical and natural aging. If victim of an aging attack, the recipient is protected and the spell immediately ends.

If cast continually on a single target in an attempt to permanently retard aging, it causes great strain on the body. Each day a Fortitude save must be made at DC 20, or the age-retarding effects of all previous castings of this spell are undone.

This spell can also be used to protect a body from decay, or to preserve meat and vegetables from spoiling.