Few warriors are more dedicated to honor and the code of the warrior than the samurai. Trained from an early age in the art of war and sworn to the service of a lord, the samurai holds a position of power and respect in many lands, often serving as the voice and justice of the local noble. The samurai takes on his training with zeal, learning the way of the blade (typically a katana), the bow, and the horse. Some even learn how to effectively use firearms, if they are available. The samurai is often the most trusted soldier in his lord’s employ. In him, the common folk see honor and sacrifice. He is an honorable warrior, dedicated to the realm and the leaders that guide it.

Special rules

- Samurai Weapon Proficiency: Samurai are proficient with all simple and martial weapons of PHB and OA. Samurai is also proficient with Katana and Wakizashi.
- Samurai start the adventure with a masterwork set of those swords for free. He's also proficient with all simple and martial weapons of Oriental adventures.
- Samurai can select the feat weapon specialization and greater weapon specialization with katana, wakizashi or bow.
- Samurai have the same feat progression as the fighter.

Source Oriental Adventures